Component-Based Software Architectures


Investigation of the foundations of component-based software systems including terms, construction principles and tools. This includes specifically concepts for component packaging, component versioning, component communication, component models, and flexible component-based software architectures. Two main areas of investigation were the construction of component-based software systems based on microkernel architectures (CCF) and on mobile agent technologies (RSE, Insight).


  • Siemens München (Corporate Technology, SE 2), mobile agents

  • Siemens Erlangen (ATD MP) for remote diagnosis project


  • Rainer Weinreich (JKU), RSE, Insight, CCF, Architecture Explorer

  • Reinhold Plösch (JKU), RSE

  • Josef Pichler (JKU, Architecture Explorer


  • A microkernel based component framework for rich client applications. The framework is based on a central registry (trader) and supports dynamic extensibility like adding component using drag&drop to an application (Component Composition Framework, CCF)

  • A graphical editor based on the microkernel architecture (GE)

  • A tool for documenting and exploring software architectures based on the rich client microkernel framework (Architecture Explorer)

  • An agent-based middleware and component framework for creating distributed component-based software systems. (RSE)

  • Concepts and tools for configuring and monitoring distributed software systems based on mobile agents

  • Proof of concepts, by applying the developed concepts and tools for remote diagnosis of process automation systems (together with Siemens Erlangen (I&S).

  • Fault tolerant middleware services (based on replication) for distributed agent-based component systems, including a directory service, an event service and a communication service (Insight)


  • C, C++, Java, MASIF, FIPA, Aglets, CCF


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